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AnnatationPeople are born with diapers, . Advanced aesthetic taste not only beautifies, . Advanced aesthetic taste not only beautifies , Women are more concerned about modernity than serious men, How to choose shoes;
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People are born with diapers. But now she starts dressing from the first days. Clothing is not only a picture of a person, but also a reflection of his inner world. One of the main signs of civilization is the dress code. Depending on how one dresses, one's aesthetic taste, ingenuity, modesty, and even one's profession can be determined. Dress code Etiquette also affects how people behave, treat each other, and behave.
But there is no clear pattern about dressing. The variety of clothing items depends on a person's taste, height, age, financial means, and social status. One should always be self-guided to protect oneself from unnecessary purchases and whether new items match the style of clothes available in the home, the color of the fabric, whether it can be worn with other things, and so on. should pay attention to
Dress is a characteristic of a person and is always a sign of the level of understanding of beauty, harmony, delicacy, decency, politeness, humanity.
  The beauty of a person's appearance lies in the harmony, naturalness and simplicity of the color of the clothes. What does it mean to dress elegantly and beautifully? It is to wear clothes that are inconspicuous and give a person a natural beauty and that do not reveal some of its shortcomings, beautiful, elegant, fit for the body, age and season.
But it's not just about moral education. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Advanced aesthetic taste not only beautifies the way a person dresses and lives in general, but also gives him the ability to know in advance what style or color will be the pattern. Works of art, aesthetic perception of art forms, the formation of aesthetic perception have a very positive effect on taste. Not only can you live as beautiful as everyone else, but you can also create your own style and influence their choices.

    Modernity for men and women. Clothing is associated with fashion,  a way of expressing one's perceptions of beauty in a particular period and society. As human society develops, these attitudes change, and so do fashion. The national culture and traditions of the Uzbek people have changed over the centuries in accordance with the times and conditions, the development of society. Traditions and rules of dress and grooming, which have become a part of history, have remained in force only in exceptional cases. But people are not tired of choosing and inventing clothes. On the contrary, the demands of modernity are far more advanced than ever before.
  Dressing well is an art. In order to master this art, one must not only follow the requirements of fashion, but also cultivate one's own taste. To cultivate taste, one must be familiar with all kinds of art, the laws of which are the norm, and which are based on mutually compatible concepts.
The dress chosen in the middle of the mind signifies that its owner has tasted good. It is possible to dress tastefully even if the dresser is not full. Instead of chasing after a new, stylish outfit, think about what you need. The novelty of modern fashion fabrics is also determined by its color.
    Women are more concerned about modernity than serious men. Women's fashion is more flexible than men's. Skirts and jackets get shorter, and in a year or two they get longer. Sometimes the shirt shows the waist, sometimes the opposite. Compared to men, the colors and textures of fabrics are more diverse, and of course, different modern ornaments are also for women. But it would be wrong to say that men are far from modern. The interest of the stronger sex in modernity has a lot of potential in recent years.
How to choose shoes. Dark brown and black, comfortable and high-quality shoes are suitable for serious suits. Light brown or brown shoes don't go well with a black suit. But black shoes fit a brown suit. Thick-soled, rough sneakers are not suitable for formal wear, they only look good with sportswear.
Women need to know that denim dresses look good with sports shoes, not high heels or fancy shoes. But fancy pants should have fancy shoes.
need to walk in a mood. Women who are concerned about household chores can turn old clothes into a good home suit. It should be not only comfortable but also modern. There is no excuse for a woman to wear shabby clothes or hang them in a closet "without looking at her house clothes" after recycling them.
Makeup. From time immemorial, women have sought to be more beautiful than they look, so they have begun to use a variety of methods to achieve this goal. There are so many types of cosmetics today. However, their use should not be the only goal for the modern woman, but should serve as a means of emphasizing her style and individuality. The use of cosmetics does not change the face, but emphasizes some of its beauty. Whether it's a fifteen-year-old girl or a woman in her thirties, applying makeup will make everyone look older. After reaching a certain age, women should try to reduce their makeup and try to switch to less bright colors. Keep in mind that daytime makeup is less dull than evening makeup.


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